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Instant Pot Talk – What are the differences in the Instant Pot models?

Here I will outline the main differences of the 4 most popular Instant Pots. The 6-Quart Lux, The 6-Quart Duo, The 8-Quart Duo, and the IP-Smart Bluetooth 6-Quart.

I started with the 6-Quart Lux model, thinking I wouldn’t want or need the yogurt function and that that was the main difference between them. I couldn’t believe I could fit 5 pounds of potatoes in and cook it all for 12 minutes and have perfectly cooked potatoes! The giant pots of soup, mounds of chili over nachos, and the cheesecakes that have come out of my lux have been amazing! Now that I’ve progressed more in my pressure cooking, I found that I can still make yogurt and do many other things (such as proof bread dough) in the Lux model, that I thought only the Duo can do. The Lux also has a 2-prong plug instead of a 3-prong plug, and that means it uses less watts when cooking, saving electricity and money. The Lux also doesn’t have a condensation cup, so there’s one less part to worry about.

Here is the Lux-60

Here is the Duo-60:

One thing that the Duo can do that the Lux can’t do is cook on Low. You can choose to pressure cook foods on low or on high, which may be beneficial to the nutrients in the foods you are making. Another thing you can do with the Duo, since it has the Yogurt Function, is that you can proof your bread dough using the Yogurt button. This means your bread has a wonderful warm environment to rise up in. There are many recipes available for baking bread in the IP and the Duo makes it that much more easy. Plus, making yogurt at the push of a button.

Below is the Duo-80:

Next is the 8-Quart Duo, which does all the great things the Lux and Duo can do, but it holds 8-Quarts, so you can make even larger batches! One setback to the 8-quart is that it does take a little bit longer to come to pressure than a 6-Quart, so on a day-to-day basis the time it takes to come to pressure could get annoying. But still, 8-Quarts is a really nice benefit!

Here is the IP-Smart Bluetooth Model below:

The IP-Smart is a Bluetooth model which you can set and program from your phone. You also get the option of saving Scripts, which means you can easily save one for potatoes, and one for chicken, and so on and then easily go back to that same cook time and make it again. There is an Instant Pot App that works side by side with this model.


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